Community Handbook

Community Handbook  PDF (effective May 1, 2020)
This Handbook was approved by the VMC Board of Directors and is effective May 1, 2020.  It takes the place of the 2018 Handbook.  It is designed to supplement and restate (not replace) our condominium’s governing documents, which are recorded at the Delaware County Recorder’s Office. If there is a discrepancy between what is expressed in this Handbook and the governing documents, the governing documents will govern and control. Those recorded documents are the Declaration & Bylaws of the Villas at Maple Creek Condominium Association (Instrument # 200300081025). It is recommended that you keep your copy of those governing documents with this Handbook for future reference.
Every unit received a 3 ring binder in 2018, the contents of which are to be replaced with the 2020 contents.  The binder should remain in the unit for current and future owners/occupants.