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1. We are a 55+ Community: This means that at least 80% of our Units must have at least one permanent Occupant age 55 or older. If you are under age 55, please check with our Community Association Manager, Condo Management of Columbus (Kasi Cox at 614-488-7711 ext. 527), to make sure that we can accommodate an "Under 55" resident. To allow us to continue to have this "Over 55" designation, Federal Regulations require that we complete a regular census including obtaining Proof of age of each Occupant in every Unit.

2. Moving Vans: Community rules prohibit the use of semi-trailer type moving vans. Moving companies must use box trucks for pickup or delivery of household goods. Because of the potential damage caused by these large vehicles, Unit owner may be charged an enforcement assessment up to $500 if their moving company enters the property with semi-trailer type of moving van.

3. Pet Restrictions: Pets shall be limited to dogs, cats, birds, or aquarium fish. No more than two (2) dogs or two (2) cats or one (1) dog and one(1) cat may be kept in any one unit. No other animals or reptiles may be kept in unit owner's unit or anywhere in the Common Element.

4. Exterior Modifications: Prior written Board approval must be obtained before any alterations or additions are made to fences, walks, patios, etc., or to any part of the exterior surface of the units or buildings or landscaping. Contact our Community Association Manager before considering ANY exterior modification of any kind to determine if Board approval is required and if there are any standards, specifications, or procedures to which you must adhere. Please note: Satellite Dishes are prohibited within any Common Element without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.
5. Window Treatments: Window treatments facing the exterior must comply with the Declaration Article II, Section 1 (3) "Visible Areas" which states, in part: "Nothing shall be caused or permitted to be hung or displayed on the outside or the inside of windows (except interior inoffensive drapes, curtains, or louvered blinds which, from exterior observation, must be white, beige, or gray, or as otherwise authorized by the Board) or placed on the outside walls of a building or otherwise outside of a Unit or any part thereof."
6. Governing Documents: Potential buyers are advised to obtain a copy of the Association's Declaration & Bylaws and the current Community Handbook (Policies & Rules) from the links above, from the seller, or from our Community Assocation Manager.  Potential buyers are advised to review these documents prior to purchasing a Unit within the Villas at Maple Creek.
Community Association Manager Contact Information:
Kasi Cox, Condo Management of Columbus (CMOC) Phone: (614) 488-7711, ext. 527   Email:
Subsequent Amendments
2004-01-26 Phase II
2004-07-14 Phase III
2004-10-19 Phase IV
2004-11-30 Phase V
2005-02-01 Phase VI
2007-03-29 Compliance
2007-04-12 Sexual Predator
2016-02-29 eMail
2021-08-30 elec notice, voting, and meeting
2023-03-10 sb61 ohio condo act
Last update:  5/3/2023